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Celebrating Cultural and Language Diversity Events to mark our 10th Anniversary

  12 months ago today we launched Celebrating Cultural and Language Diversity Events to mark our 10th Anniversary. As a result of our Events, we opened interesting dialogues and over 300 people not only heard from us and our partners, how to overcome language and cultural barriers but also identified the opportunities diversity can bring.  We raised awareness about the importance and benefits of equality, diversity and inclusion with over 10 000 social media engagements. We were asked to participate in school talks and promote diverse languages and cultures further. We signed up for the local Chamber Schools initiative to become volunteers within schools to speak with students about progression into studying languages and sharing experiences.  LINCOLN  NOTTINGHAM LEEDS  BOSTON PETERBOROUGH NOTTINGHAM COLCHESTER NOTTINGHAM Find out more and get involved here. 
On Friday, 7th    September, PAB Languages Centre Ltd, experts in the workplace and cultural diversity, launched the New Workplace Dynamics - New Rules event at the Allia Future Business Centre in Peterborough. Throughout the morning, attendees heard keynotes talking about the hidden costs of managing multinational workforce within the businesses, interesting insights into mitigation and conflict resolution as well as the management of increased staff rotation, inconsistent quality. PAB’s Director Iwona Lebiedowicz, hosting the event, said: “Never before have employers dependent upon multinational workforce needed to challenge assumptions so radically and find more effective and sustainable ways to communicate with staff”. She introduced the PAB MAGNET – a language and cultural business assessment, developed by PAB, to support businesses that employ a multinational workforce. Chris Moses from Personnel Advice and Solutions Ltd spoke about the challenges faced by emp

Business Expo

6 February 2018 PAB Languages Centre will kindly provide interpretation services at exhibition through PAB’s qualified business Interpreters that will assist Love Business Expo 2018 Exhibitors. Sponsorship Services on Thursday 22nd February 2018 - Holywell Park Conference Centre PAB Languages Interpreters will help to break any potential language barriers and assist in finding a common language for business communication. Interpreters will be wearing PAB t-shirts and ID badges and will be provided with PAB information materials which will allow for them to be easily recognised. The interpretation will be more successful if exhibitors can make relevant bookings in the morning.  It will help to run an efficient and organised service, making sure all our Interprets are fully briefed, and hand matched to clients. All our staff available on the day are fluent English speakers and will represent a varied range of other languages including Chine

Strategic partnership agreement for PAB !

Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) has signed a strategic partnership agreement with PAB Languages Centre (PAB) to establish a long-term relationship. PAB Languages Centre will integrate their wide range of language services, including cultural awareness workshops for recruiters and employers to the REC membership benefits offering. All the Recruitment & Employment Confederation members will now have access to exclusive rates on translation and localisation services with PAB Languages Center. PAB has been working with UK businesses in the recruitment and employment industry since 2009, offering translation and interpretation services. Kevin Green, Chief Executive of the REC explained that “We’re delighted that PAB Languages Centre has become a new business partner. Employers rely on our members to connect them to talented people from all over the world, and often need support to make sure the process is well communicated. In turn, this lets the recruit

The 7 Principles of Effective Global Communications

The 7 Principles of Effective Global Communications Having spent over ten years delivering cultural awareness training, consulting local and regional clients on effective communication with foreigners, as well as managing diversity and communication within an own company, I developed a simple method: The 7 Principles of Effective Global Communications.  These principles are: C - Cultural Awareness U - Understand expectations L - Listen to and observe T - Trust U - Use clear and precise language R - Respect your audience E - Evidence and evaluate The above, in my view, are universal and effective communication rules, which will be applicable anywhere in the world and in all areas of business and life in general. At PAB Languages, we believe that strong company culture and clear expectations and at the same time respecting individual values are key to successful divers team. It’s about identifying and understanding the differences and si

PAB Languages Team is growing across borders.

PAB Languages Team is growing across borders.  We have built a strong team of professional translators, experienced interpreters, lecturers and language experts. We effectively deliver expert language and cultural support as well as advice to our national and international clients on business, industrial, technical, scientific, or other projects. Our new package SEMA4 is not limited to the translation of linguistic content, but includes a variety of other activities related to cultural differences such us the meaning of symbols and colours, numeric formats, calendars, currency, date and time formats. Our team understands the nuances of language, and make the message sound natural to native speakers, ensuring clarity to all its visitors, whatever country they are from.  # SEMA4   # pabteam   # PABSEMA4   PAB Languages Centre LTD   Sema4   SEMA4

Dream Team at PAB Languages Centre Ltd

Dream Team at PAB Languages Centre Ltd were busy over weekend “engaging and energizing people, and inspiring them to give their best, to stretch, to achieve, and to excel” PAB’s culture is that we all respect and value difference in the workplace. We believe that culturally diverse work teams in companies can boost business performance. Here in Cambridge we decided to spend some time together building and straightening #relationships, enhancing #Teamwork and boosting self-confidence as well as having #fun #DreamTeam #PAB in Cambridge on Saturday, 5 th November