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Settled status: are your EU workers ready or at risk?

We have received several queries recently from our clients asking what they can do to raise awareness of the EU Settlement Scheme and assist any EEA employees to apply as soon as possible. Having documentation demonstrating their status may assist when travelling in and out of the UK after Brexit and proving they have the right to work in the UK. This is an important moment, and we wanted to suggest the following options that will help you raise awareness of the EU Settlement Scheme: ·          Proactive inclusive communication available to your workforce (multilingual posters, leaflets, and infographics) Sending a clear message – EU citizens are our colleagues, they are valued, and we want them to stay. There are concerns that some EU nationals do not know that they need to apply for settled status, with some believing that as they hold a permanent residence card they need not apply. Consider creating videos with translated subtitles for EU nationals, since the visual inform

Hope your new year is full of new opportunities, peace and kindness _ PAB Languages Centre Ltd.

“Be kind to your body, gentle to your mind and patient with your heart”. The first weeks of the new year are always a mixture of excitement and hopes for new opportunities and a brighter future for all of us. With everything happening, it is easy to forget to take care of yourself. How can we focus on ourselves when there is so much going on around us? At PAB Languages, we believe that taking care of your own needs and feelings, as well as being kind to one another are one of the healthiest things you can do for social and business relationships. Take more time for yourself. “It is so important to take time for yourself and find clarity. The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.” Diane Von Furstenberg The demands of modern-day living can be overwhelming, when we set up our smart goals, we should remember that spending time alone regularly will support our activities towards achieving our goals and objectives. Taking some time out to relax is essential

Christmas wishes in over 30 languages from PAB Languages Centre Ltd.

Merry Christmas to all our clients, partners, associates, suppliers, and employees.   We are blessed to have wonderful humans in over 50 countries from different faiths, backgrounds, ethnicities working with PAB Languages. We wish you all a peaceful and magical holiday season. Please share your wishes in your native language with friends, clients, and suppliers. We are taking a moment to wish you all a peaceful and magical holiday season. Albanian: Gëzuar Krishtilindjen Arabic: عِيد مِيلَاد مَجِيد‎ (ʿīd mīlād majīd), مِيلَاد مَجِيد‎ (mīlād majīd) Armenian: Շնորհավոր Սուրբ Ծնունդ (šnorhavor Surb Cnund) Azerbaijani: Milad Bayramınız Mübarək Bosnian: Sretan Božić Bulgarian: Весела Коледа! ( Vesela Koleda ) Burmese : Pyaw Shwin Phwal Christmas Phyit Par Say Chinese ( Mandarin ): 聖誕快樂 , 圣 诞快乐 ( Sh è ngd à n ku à il è), 聖誕節快樂 , 圣 诞节快乐 ( Sh è ngd à nji é ku à il è) Croatian : Sretan Bo ž i ć Czech : Vesel é V á noce Danish: Glædelig jul Dutch- Prettig Kerstfees

Christmas around the world _ PAB Languages Centre Ltd.

  Christmas will not be normal this year but especially during a period of uncertainty, rapid changes and unexpected challenges, time spent with loved ones is even more precious for people of all faiths and none. Taking the time to connect with those you love will bring you true happiness and strength. This year, shaped by tradition, faiths and cultural norms, Christmas celebrations will have local flair both online and offline. Poland In every country, food takes centre stage. In Poland, Christmas Eve is known as Wigilia. The main Christmas meal is eaten in the evening and is called "Kolacja wigilijna" (Christmas Eve supper). It is traditional that no food is eaten (or sometimes the first present opened) until the first star is seen in the sky! On the table there are 12 dishes - they are meant to bring you good luck for the next 12 months. The meal is traditionally meat free this is to remember the animals who took care of the baby Jesus in the manger. Everyon

Webinars and Workshops Testimonials _ PAB Languages Centre Ltd.

Thank you, really informative and insightful presentation - looking forward to next sessions. Laurie Wootton, East Midlands Chamber (Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire)

Annual ISO 9001 : 2015 Audit, and our Cyber Essentials assessment _ PAB Languages Centre Ltd.

We just had our main annual  ISO 9001:2015  Audit, and our annual Cyber Essentials assessment. We are pleased to announce that both audits went smoothly. PAB Languages operates on a quality-based approach, focusing on full project traceability and strict quality assurance procedures. This helps improve communications, efficiency, and the implementation of continuous improvement, to ensure our services are reliable and meet our clients' expectations. Our successful audits are a testament to the positive engagement of all our colleagues and demonstrate a clear desire to embrace the standard as a fundamental element of PAB Languages business growth and customer focus strategies. Huge thanks to our colleagues Ruta Rubina, Head of Project Management, Monika Przybyszewska, Chief Finance Officer, and Jon Hooper, IT Security Consultant at PAB Languages. If you require our support or have any queries, then please  or arrange a free quote here or  contact a member of our P

A sense of purpose: „Idź przez życie tak, aby ślady twoich stóp pozostały wieczne”

Running a business, especially during times of uncertainty, means lots of noise, being buffeted from one side to another; it means working crazy long hours, getting knocked back, getting noticed, celebrating wins and learning some life lessons quickly. Whilst the last few years have seen PAB go from strength to strength, it has not all been a smooth sailing for me. When I moved to the UK, for about the first two years my dad would not speak to me. My parents wanted for my professional career to progress in Poland, under their umbrella, and they did not like the idea of me being a migrant. It was a hard decision for me to come to the UK, settling into a new country and discovering that I could be happy somewhere other than Poland, doing what I love. When you have a second life, where your friends and family are, leaving the security behind was difficult. It was almost 20 years ago, when I arrived in London (at the popular at that time Victoria Station) from Poznan (West part of Pola