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Webinars and Workshops Testimonials _ PAB Languages Centre Ltd.

Thank you, really informative and insightful presentation - looking forward to next sessions.

Laurie Wootton, East Midlands Chamber (Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire)

Iwona, I just wanted to thank you and the rest of your team for your excellent event in Leeds. I thought your presentations and exercises were insightful, informative and entertaining. I look forward to further collaboration with you and your team in the future

Colin Russell, Leeds

What an uplifting and inspiring event ! It was great to be a part of it. Congratulations!

Cathy Mellor, Peterborough

Thank you for giving such an interesting and thought-provoking presentation. Presentations like yours are key to the success of our events and our continued ability to attract the major regional and local businesses. I hope that you will be able to speak again at future events engaging both students, the community and business leaders. 

George E Bell, Boston College

A really interesting event from PAB Languages. Interesting presentation on how understanding cultural differences can help in developing business relationships - a major interest of mine!

Claire Bicknell, Owner at Catena (Nottingham) Limited

Fabulous event this morning. Great programme and organisation from PAB Languages Centre Ltd

David Pearson, East Midlands Chamber

Delighted to attend the Celebrating Cultural and Language Diversity by our good friends and Love Business partners PAB Languages Centre Ltd. Some informative and inspiring talks by Iwona Lebiedowicz aimed at motivating businesses and leaders to be mindful of the signals we give out as well as the language we use and our expectations when dealing with people from overseas. Really enlightening and fun, learnt a lot - thanks PAB Languages

Steve Megson, Quiet Storm Solutions & founder of Love Business, Leicester

Really interesting talk this morning from Iwona Lebiedowicz on Communicating Effectively Across Cultures. Lots of practical suggestions and it was a great way to get to know people in the room too! Thanks to Iwona and PAB Languages Centre Ltd for organising it.

Alissa Burn, Spottydog Communications, Birmingham

I had a brilliant morning. Thank you to Iwona Lebiedowicz  from PAB for a really insightful workshop into cultural differences and languages. I learnt a lot. 

Jonathan Leach PGDip ICM, Director. Strategic Communications, Nottingham

A BIG thank you to Iwona Lebiedowicz, Beatris Traykova and Lelde Plesa from PAB Languages for hosting this morning's session on how to communicate effectively across cultures.

Cathy Power, Global Internal Communications, Experian UK, Nottingham

Great session and lovely to meet so many of you - see you at the next one!

Rachael Bull, Write the Talk, Leicester

Enterprise Europe Network enlisted the services of Iwona Lebiedowicz to contribute to the launch event of our trade mission to Poland. Iwona delivered an excellent interactive session about the practicalities of doing business in Poland and the cultural nuances, which companies need to be aware of when attempting to enter the market. Iwona was an engaging speaker and our delegates went home extremely pleased with what they had learned.

Jan Immel, Enterprise Europe Network

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