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A sense of purpose: „Idź przez życie tak, aby ślady twoich stóp pozostały wieczne”

Running a business, especially during times of uncertainty, means lots of noise, being buffeted from one side to another; it means working crazy long hours, getting knocked back, getting noticed, celebrating wins and learning some life lessons quickly. Whilst the last few years have seen PAB go from strength to strength, it has not all been a smooth sailing for me. When I moved to the UK, for about the first two years my dad would not speak to me. My parents wanted for my professional career to progress in Poland, under their umbrella, and they did not like the idea of me being a migrant. It was a hard decision for me to come to the UK, settling into a new country and discovering that I could be happy somewhere other than Poland, doing what I love. When you have a second life, where your friends and family are, leaving the security behind was difficult. It was almost 20 years ago, when I arrived in London (at the popular at that time Victoria Station) from Poznan (West part of Pola

Translation Work Testimonials _ PAB Languages Centre Ltd.

  We are  very pleased with the service that you provide. PAB is our first choice when we require translating/interpreting services, whatever the language. Ringrose Law   The service provided has been excellent. Sills & Betteridge   I have always received exceptional service from PAB Language Centre. Wilkin Chapman LLP   You provide translations in a speedy manner and we highly appreciate your service standards. Your company’s service is exquisite as always. UK Immigration Help Ltd   I highly recommend PAB team for translation and localisation of product descriptions, brochures, and presentations to support my overseas marketing campaign. EE Wood    We have worked with PAB for over 4 years on projects such as website translation, online marketing, and social media localisation. We highly recommend to anyone requiring accurate translation. DBS Internet Marketing I would not hesitate to recommend them for translation services, and it is so nice to de