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The 7 Principles of Effective Global Communications

The 7 Principles of Effective Global Communications Having spent over ten years delivering cultural awareness training, consulting local and regional clients on effective communication with foreigners, as well as managing diversity and communication within an own company, I developed a simple method: The 7 Principles of Effective Global Communications.  These principles are: C - Cultural Awareness U - Understand expectations L - Listen to and observe T - Trust U - Use clear and precise language R - Respect your audience E - Evidence and evaluate The above, in my view, are universal and effective communication rules, which will be applicable anywhere in the world and in all areas of business and life in general. At PAB Languages, we believe that strong company culture and clear expectations and at the same time respecting individual values are key to successful divers team. It’s about identifying and understanding the differences and si

PAB Languages Team is growing across borders.

PAB Languages Team is growing across borders.  We have built a strong team of professional translators, experienced interpreters, lecturers and language experts. We effectively deliver expert language and cultural support as well as advice to our national and international clients on business, industrial, technical, scientific, or other projects. Our new package SEMA4 is not limited to the translation of linguistic content, but includes a variety of other activities related to cultural differences such us the meaning of symbols and colours, numeric formats, calendars, currency, date and time formats. Our team understands the nuances of language, and make the message sound natural to native speakers, ensuring clarity to all its visitors, whatever country they are from.  # SEMA4   # pabteam   # PABSEMA4   PAB Languages Centre LTD   Sema4   SEMA4